The Jetty House Southport




We think The Jetty House feels like the country house you used to visit as a child - in my case, my Aunt and Uncle's farm. It's a step back in time and pace, a place to relax and recharge.

Rustic walls, lush drapes, garden flowers, and local artworks meld into a warm timeless space, which can host up to 30 people, we can accommodate up to 12 but we work with other accommodation providers to house bigger groups. While we curate our own events from time to time, we also make it available for your small event. We’ll work with you to get the furniture setup you want, so whether you’re celebrating a 60th with your extended family, cooking up a storm for Christmas in July with a group of friends or running a Yoga retreat, we can help to create a memorable event.

We have an upstairs open space perfect for small workshops or yoga classes and a downstairs Lounge with lovely warm acoustics, perfect for intimate house concerts which we hold from time to time. Keep an eye on the calendar for upcoming events.


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Fermented Foods workshop with Melissa Pollard

Melissa Pollard is a local yoga teacher, trainer and qualified nutritionist. She is also a serious devotee of fermented foods, with something always bubbling away on her kitchen benches. In addition to the delicious taste and health benefits of fermented foods, Melissa says the process of making them can be highly meditative.

Having enjoyed sauerkraut for decades, Melissa’s interest in and study of nutrition opened her mind to the exciting health benefits of fermented foods.

Once she started making her own fermented foods, Melissa quickly moved beyond ordinary green cabbage sauerkraut and now keeps her family and friends supplied with delicious and healthy ferments from different cultures, including a West African style hot and spicy sweet potato ferment—which participants can sample on the day. Melissa loves sharing her knowledge of fermented foods, their health benefits and how to make them safely. 

In this session, you’ll learn the basic principles and techniques of fermenting foods, including troubleshooting and kitchen hygiene essentials. We’ll get our hands into the mixing bowl and share some delicious samples. You’ll take home your own sample jar, recipes and a basic ‘how to’ guide.



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